Release 0.4 Internal – GitHub Issue Templates

For the internal aspect of release 0.4, I took a look at creating templates for GitHub to address issues of PR’s and Issues themselves being non descriptive, as well as contributors not knowing what to write about. This will now allow for contributors to have some form of guidance to ensure that as maintainers, we have an easier time seeing what people are writing, and receive issues and pull requests that make our lives easier in the long run. I shared this issue with another contributer and we split the work in two. They worked on the Pull Request templates, while I worked on the Issue templates. I enjoyed learning about these, as I did setting up linting mechanisms, as I enjoy learning about maintenance for GitHub repositories, seeing how they work and what we can do as maintainers to make them work more efficiently, and by extension, lighten our load. GitHub has a lot of features and functionality that is not obvious at first glance, and I do enjoy learning about it.

The issue can be found here and the PR can be found here.

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