Release 0.4 – External – Thrive

For the external part of 0.4, I worked in a fairly large game repository called Thrive. Thrive’s website describing the game and it’s scope can be seen here. The repository owners requested help with the removal of superfluous keypress log spam, so they could focus more upon the important details within the developer logs as they are debugging the game. They also requested, but was not mandatory for the completion of the issue, a flag to make some of the keypresses display only once when they are initially enabled. This project was probably the largest in scope, and the most difficult to setup that I have worked on, even to just edit the logs and confirm that the changes that I was making to the code were indeed working. The setup probably took about ten times as long as the actual code changes, requiring the installation of a game engine, leviathan, which in turn had it’s own setup requirements on top of the rest of the setup instructions for Thrive. After all was setup and launched, it was a matter of scouring the project files to find the keypresses, which resulted in some back and forth between the developers and myself, ensuring I was touching the correct files. After all was clarified, the pull request was posted and merged without issue, following all the style guides with no problem.

The PR is here, and the issue regarding the PR is here.

One thing I thought was interesting is that Thrive has a huge focus on squashing the commits that I hadn’t really seen before. This wasn’t something that really affected me, as it was something they had the maintainers do while they were merging commits, but it was interesting to read about while reading the contribution documentation. That was at the bottom of the style guide here.

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