Telescope – Week 5

This week focused on starting the steps needed to make my way towards completing release 0.4. I have found a small external issue to work on, one with a very large setup process due to working on a game, involving the removal of keypress logs across an entire project, as well as refactoring a bit of the code for the logs that we wish to keep. That can be seen here.

For Telescope, I am working in tandem with another user on creating issue templates to be used for future proofing the github repository. That issue can be seen here.

In addition, I have asked about another issue, but have yet to receive a response back on it, but it seems to have not been worked on in this time. That issue is here.

I have also reviewed a few PR’s and commented on a few active PR’s where people were having questions about our CI’s giving errors. Like here and here. Another CI PR that I have reviewed is one that will ensure that even if the windows build of Travis fails, Travis will still report a pass. This is due to a previous issue in which Choco was unable to download Redis, meant as a temporary bandaid. That is visible here.

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