Telescope week 4

This week, working on the telescope project I have taken the time to look at a few more PR’s that have been in need of review. This one, this one, as well as this third one. I ahve also started to look for another task to tackle for the project internally, and have asked around to see if there is more that I can do in regards to the internal testing, and have checked with this issue to see if the maintainer is still working on it as it is a week old and I would like to attempt it.

In other news, I have started my search for another project to work on for the final release of 0.4. Nothing completely solid that I would want to work on for the moment, but I will find something.

The original issue that I had worked on for 0.2 and later 0.3 finally got closed for it’s intended purpose a little bit ago. Even if I wasn’t the one to completely finish off the issue, I was still thanked for the contributions I had made and the PR’s I had done to finish off another part of that issue, so that is nice to know.

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