Hacktoberfest Week 3

This week was a busy one to keep up with midterms and other projects due along the same time frame of getting a pull request in. As such, I chose to work on a smaller repository, improving my scripting skills to help refactor and reformat a 3 year old repository that solved the travelling salesman problem with a genetic algorithm. The maintainer of the repository had noted that there were a few oddities within the formatting and indentation of the repository. As such, I took on two issues and wrote a script to help ensure proper formatting as per the requests of the maintainer.

My scripting skills haven’t been used in some time, so it was a nice refresher on those skills and is definitely a useful skill to make sudden changes to a wide variety of files across a repository. This script in particular adjusted 306 lines across 7 files and is currently awaiting review from the maintainer.

In addition, I have done a bit of work on my pull request from last week as the maintainers got back to me, and am currently awaiting feedback from them on the proposed formatting changes.

The Pull Request is available here, and the issues are here and here

And the pull request from last week is this one.

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