Hacktoberfest Week 1

This week was the start of Hacktoberfest, and in my effort to get a pull request out for the first week, I ended up taking a look at three different repositories. One of which, involving the alpha of a 3d visualization engine, I had deemed far beyond my scope. Working on openRCT, a open source recreation of Roller Coaster Tycoon, was attempted, however a few issues had outstanding PR’s that were not referenced, so that work ended up being overwritten. There is, however, one issue that I may be able to work on next week for it. What I did accomplish this week was assisting in the editing of a blog on how to present talks. The repository owners were looking for a second set of eyes to glance over their markdown files and touch up grammar, spelling, and a few formatting issues. They were grateful for my help, and my pull request went in with little issue, once I managed to find a project to work on.

The Pull Request can be found here.

Thankfully, I already have a repository ready to work on for the next week of Hacktoberfest, which will help me focus on the code and less on finding an issue to tackle.

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