Hacktoberfest Prep

With Hacktoberfest almost here, it is probably a good idea to strap in and prepare for some real open source contributions to be made. That is the very idea of the event after all. It is a great way to jump in and start contributing on some smaller issues to get the hang of real open source development.

Now, with that in mind, there should be some goals that I want to achieve for this month. I would like to work on some edge-case bugs or issues to get me in the mindset of what edge cases are like in bigger software, and give me the experience with working on them to think of them while I code, as opposed to being an after thought. I would also like to contribute to a product I use often, more as a sense of pride than anything else. I will be able to feel as though I am some small part of the tools I use, and that will help build my confidence as a programmer and an open source developer.

For extra preparation for Hacktoberfest, I have found a few issues in VS code to help guide me in the direction I wish to go. They involve edge cases with windows, a feature request to reload pages, A bug with saving and commiting, and a bug with the way git is integrated with the editor. All of these issues were tagged with the good for first timers label, and can be seen below:





With all of this in mind, I am ready for a month of learning and experiencing open source contribution. And I want that shirt.

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